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And She Was


29 March
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I’ve been putting off writing this—you know how it is, so many sunbeams to curl up in, so little time—but here we go:

My name’s Abby, I’m a Pagan vegetarian polyamorous bisexual who’s into reading, sci-fi, geekery, nature, hiking, geocaching, and knitting. Got all that? I used to live on the beautiful St Lawrence River in Northern New York with my snugglebunny and our American Eskimo wonder pup, in a little abode we call the Platypus Nest, surrounded by lilacs and our garden, but we have since moved to a slightly larger apartment in Troy NY, leaving the wonder pup with her grandparents, but adding a Torbi cat named Esmerelda Weatherwax, and new new baby boy! I have degrees in culinary arts and math/science, and I’m told that I kick like Bruce Lee.

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I will occasionally post adult material to this journal; underage viewers should not proceed. I rarely go above PG-13, but you never know when I might post something good, like occasional nudity and frank discussions of bodily functions and sex. This warning is made in cooperation with LiveJournal's request for such statements.

if you see a lock on a post, it is a protected entry, treat it as if only you can see it. Do not talk about it or show it to other people, no matter how sure you are that they can see it, without my express permission. Thank you

in reference to drama: read this disclaimer. and obey, or the giant squids will eat you.

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